I have sims 2 on a dvd cd, and it doesnt open up as autorun on my computer, which doesnt let me install the files

however, when i do insert the cd into the drive - it does open what is contained in the cd - and whenever i click on the "autorun" or any file - it says "win32 nto applicable" or something in those terms

i tried the cd in my cousins computer - and worked perfect! it opened an autorun menu when i inserted the cd into the computer, and even had a lil sims 2 logo in the my computer window - under his cd drive icon

but for some reason my computer does not detect it as an autorun type game, and doesnt work?!?!

help!!! thank you so much, and your help would be very much appreciated!

There is a way to disable Autorun in Windows... I can't remember how.

Anyway, try opening Windows Explorer, clicking on the disk, and opening a program called "Setup.exe" or something like that. It should start the install process.

hi thanks, but that didnt work

everytime i press the setup.exe or something- it says "win32 not applicable or something" ??!?!

Hmmm....I've had this problem as well with other games.

What are the specs of your computer. Which version of Windows ya got?

The problem itself might just be that it's on a DVD, and not a CD...

Hi.I have a problem with my sims 2,i run the Autorun and it can't open.it don't say anything.i try the setup.exe and it's the same problem!!!
can anyone help ME????

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