It seems like when I ask for help, no one does although there are a few who seem to sneer at me. Am I not posting in the proper place or giving the right info? Should I just go away and leave you all alone?

http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/thread23697.html I posted as much info as I could. People have looked at it but no one responded. I suppose that I should be happy that I was not sneered at again but I really do need some help and feel like my plea has gone ignored. . . probabley because I am so stupid. :sad: :cry: :sad: And I keep losing posts because my browser keeps crashing.

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You're not stupid -- that particular post, I would say, is in an appropriate place, and you seem to have given sufficient information. Apparently no one has viewed it yet that can offer a solution (myself included).

Do you have any examples of some posts of yours where someone has sneered at you?


I think you're great at the posting biz from what I've seen, but maube we should hear from some of the 'sneerers' first...


You posted at 5:30 last night and are here TWO HOURS LATER complaining that no-one has answered your questions...

Well EXCUSE ME....


Thong Inspector has a point. Sometimes when you seek assistance on message boards you simply have to wait and be patient. It's not a help-desk service where someone sits at the console, earning their salary by responding to calls as soon as they come in. People here volunteer their time and assistance. There's no guarantee either that someone is going to be able to answer every question. The people contributing do what they can.

Try the solution TI has suggested in your topic, and give feedback about whether it is successful or not :)


It was actually about 4 hours later that I made my previous post and it wasn't so much to complain as to find out if I included all the needed info. It said on the thread that 15 had viewed but there was no responses. I know that a place I moderate at, there are some guidelines to posting for certain types of help and if the needed info isn't included, we feel no obligation to help. (One or more of us usually does try anyway by pointing out that we havent enough info to try)

But I did post one asking for help several weeks ago that no one ever responded to at all and it finally just disappeared. It was at the beginning of this problem.


I can not comment on a post that is no longer on the board.

If it was deleted, it was deleted for a reason.

The time stamp on your posts show 2 hours and 5 minutes from the time of your first post and your second post in here...

Generally if we see a post that is vague we will ask for more information, if it is in the wrong area we will move it.

If it is well thought out and clear and I dont know the answer, I dont respond.

The people here have been some of the most helpful and knowledgeable that I have found on the web. We dont always agree, we dont all take the same approach to a problem. We do however, have a desire to help others and offer our time and experience to others free of charge.

I have even given away ram, motherboards and old CD-R burners to others in need. Most of us have odds and ends we only keep around in hopes that someone will find them useful.. rather than going itno a landfill...

I hope you get your problem resolved...


Maybe I am mistaken about the times from last night. A freind's child had been abducted and my computer is not working properly and I was very frustrated and still am. I was trying to help get the word out to others to at least pray for Diana. The urgency was great and I am confined to my bed and could not physically join in the hunt for her. The neighborhood was sealed off very quickly and we just needed to get Diana back before she came into irrepairable harm. She is home now and will be ok in time. But I am seriously considering throwing this computer out until I can afford to get one that isn't so plagued with problems. It came out of the factory box with a bad hd and modem straight from Dell. I have had it just over a year now and it was in the shop for equiptment repairs more than it was it has been in my apt. Do you want it?


Do you want it?

I'll take it. ;)

Have you not contacted Dell tech support? I had a screen going bad, and I gave them an email and two hours later they gave a reply saying they were sending a rep to my house to replace the thing. Thatis exactly what they did.


I am sorry to hear about the situation at hand.

We can not do much for the one problem except offer our prayers

For the other problem we can help...

Post a hijack log in the virus forum...

I see good hardware thrown out every day due to software issues have caused people to give up hope...

Take a deep breath, have faith and give people here a chance to get you up and running...

Oh, and download a copy of Knoppix or Mepis Live...

It is an operating system that will boot and run from the cd rom drive, has a web browser and all types of software you would normally want, and with it you can get online to ask questions even if Windows and your hard drive are destroyed. It is a very good safety net to have around.

If it ends up being a hardware issue you can send me what you have and I will fix it for free or use what I can from it to build you something reliable...
(And include a recovery disk)

I am in Southern California...


Dell sends these young men who grunt at me and then a couple of weeks bring it back with something else gone wrong on it. Come get it if you really want it. I am not capable of boxing it up and sending it anywhere.


I've moved the other topic to the Viruses and nasties section. The advice of people there is better than the advice you'll get from the 'computer guy' and from the Dell people :)


The advice of people there is better than the advice you'll get from the 'computer guy'

Hehe..Who's the computer guy?

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