Hey everyone. This looks like a good forum so I'm going to start posting to it. I almost feel a bit embarrassed that I can't find out the answer to a question that I have (but I've never done it before so I'm really not too embarrassed). Just looking to figure out how create a simple UNIX shell script to change my directory when I execute it. Should be simple (and probably is) but I cannot get it. I'm going to post more details on this question in the section that covers UNIX scripting. See ya. Visit my site if you want to - its half-way cool kind of, maybe.

Welcome to Daniweb. :)

Also, I had a look at your site,, and it seems to be taking shape quite well, even though it's still under construction. Good job.

Lastly, if you're looking for any constructive criticism for it, check out this forum:


However, it seems its not getting too much attention lately. ;)


Yup welcome to Daniweb, and don't be embarrassed by asking a question. They are only ever simple if you happen to already know the answer...