Apple has upgraded the adorable Mac Mini. Reports on the internet reveal that the advertised 1.42 GHz computer was actually shipped at 1.5 GHz, and sported some other features.

The new Mac Mini reportably has the following new features:

* New 8x Dual-layer Super Drive, model UJ-845. This media device supports 5x DVD-RAM, 8x DVD+/-R, 4x DVD+/-RW, and 24x CD R.

* The computer's video card is upgraded to the ATI Radeon 9200 with 64 MB of VRAM, up from 32 MB.

* Bluetooth 2.0+EDR support for mobile device integration.

Personally, I got a chance to work with the older Mac Mini at an Apple Store here in Wisconsin, and the computer is a sweet device. Hardly any noise from fans, the computer wisked away on various tests that I did on it, and reminded me that my old Powerbook G3 is woefully outdated.

Enjoy the new Mac!

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Now if they only were economically priced... Add a screen, keyboard, and mouse and you're looking at €1500+ for a system that can't be expanded and is low on harddisk space.


The Mac Mini accepts any USB keyboard and mouse, so you can go down to your local computer store and grab a keyboard and mouse, if you do not like the included one.

The computer also ships with Digital video, and an adapter, to work with standard VGA systems if you would like.

So, you could take your older hardware and work with the computer if you so desired.

It also advertises with a 40 GB hard drive, and with the Apple Store, you can increase it to 80 GB. The hard drives are Ultra ATA, so you could go in there (voiding the warrenty, but you could) go in there and install a larger one if you so desired.

My powerbook has a 20 GB hard drive in it, and it is not full. I do not see how your claim of low hard disk space is valid. Perhaps if you were digitizing a boatload of video, it could seem cramped, but this machine is not designed with that intention at all.


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