Popular file compression program WinZip is soon to be available in a new and improved version. Gone is the nag screen fin comes a new 'Professional' version with added automation features.

That's right. Two versions! The new 'Standard' version of WinZip has no nag screen, and also has a new Explorer style tree-structured view. There are a couple of new compression methods as well. The 'Professional' version adds a very capable productivity and automation tool to the arsenal. The version is determined by the registration code. Unlock it with a registration code and the code you've purchased determines if it will be the Standard or Professional version.

There are quite a few more new features in addition to the ones mentioned here. WinZip Version 10.0 Beta is now available for download if you want to have a look at it. I'm sure it won't be too long before we see it as a final release.

Those who hold a license for earlier versions will need to purchase Version 10.0. It won't be a free update.

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As someone who doesn't really do a lot with compressed files and therefore has little need for too many fancy features, this is a bit too little and a little too late.
I have always used and liked WinZip, but at this point it would take something monumentally groundbreaking to make me switch from the powerful, nicely-featured and FREE ZipGenius.
In keeping with my general philosophy of needing a compelling reason to pay for functionality that can be had for free, I can think of no reason to even try this latest version. But again, my need for this type of program is comparatively limited, so...

What nagscreen?
I've never had a nagscreen as I've always had a licensed version :)

Was wondering when they'd start asking money for upgrades, can't blame them.
After using Winzip as a licensed user for 10 years on an almost daily basis the cost to me is now so low per use that one almost feels guilty.
$35 (at the time) makes $3.50 per year or less than a cent a day.

I have to admit, jwenting, that you're the only person I have ever known to have paid for Winzip. I actually thought it was free, years ago when I first used it, until I got the nag screen that appears after the trial runs out. I even know corporate users who have used it for months, probably years, without paying for it.
Anyway, Winzip is a nice program, but I do so little with archives that the free ZipGenius has become my preference.

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