Hi all !

I am a retired electronic engineer, age 78. But I am still interested in PC's - in the past I built some of them by myself. But beeing familiar with some troubles exploiting PC, it often happens that I need some help and to exchange experiences with other people, dealing with PC's too. So I joined DaniWeb IT Discussing Community, hoping for message exchange.

I apologize for my non perfect English; I am Slovene, living in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, a small Europian country between Austria and Italy. You can find Ljubljana on the Google Earth Map - it is a nice city. I am married; my wife is familiar with PC's too. We have a doughter and two grandchildren, both are studying on the University in Ljubljana.

It should be enough for the beginning. You will find my picture as attachement.

Best regards to all reading this introduction. Have a nice day and zero computer troubles !


Hello Misko,
Welcome to Daniweb. I am sure fellow members will find your wide experience in the IT field very useful. Hope you make a lot of friends here.

Hi Misko, welcome to DaniWeb. Don't worry about your English, it is much better than many native speakers to be honest!

78 huh? I wonder if that makes you the oldest member of DaniWeb?

Hello misko. You are the first slovenian I met here

Hello WolfPack, happygeek, andor and other,

thanks for your welcomes and good wishes. In the next post I intend to describe my problem about unexplainible freezings of my computer and I hope anybody has had a similar problem and, perhaps, someone found the solution. Now, I must restart the computer up to five times before it functions normally. But - about this next time !