Grrr, alright so I found this $90 custom built PC on eBay, 600MHz AMD Athlon K-6 processor, 128MB RAN, NIC, CD-ROM drive and a now 400GB HD (thank you dynamic drive overlay). Now then, to get to the problem. The issue is that this is a custom made PC, the seller doesn't know specifics about the motherboard or BIOS and from the looks of it it's some AMD Gateway motherboard although I can't find on the gateway site any hint of them ever having a amd gateway computer, there's no clues in the BIOS as to what the serial number of the motherboard may be so that means I don't have any hope of IDing it at the gateway site, all system info tools and BIOS ID tools are unable to ID the motherboard as well and this means I'm stuck with some 1980s BIOS and no way to figure out what kind of RAM this thing takes...grrr! Anyone here able to help? Any ideas? Anyone ever heard of gateway selling a amd computer? Please help, all replies and suggestions are greatly appreciated as I'm at a loss right now. :( Thanks in advance!

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If you have a system built in the 1980s that has a 600MHz chip, you have a very rare item that you can get a lot of money for ;).

Download and run Everest. It should be able to identify most of your components, including your motherboard. Give it a try and let us know if it helps you.

tried before and as shown in the attatched screenshots unfortunetly Everest can't ID the motherboard...:(

oh, and oops, yeah the BIOS is actually dated 1999

Have you tried popping the case open and looking for model text printed on the motherboard itself? Regardless, a board from that period will only take SD-RAM, but be wary of using high capacity single-sided stuff (256Mb or higher).

Where would I likely find that on the motherboard? *feels stupid* ><'

Commonly printed between the white PCI slots, but it should be fairly easy to see.

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