:rolleyes: These are two different ways I have now and I don't know what is good or not good. Please review it if you could.

I am confused on how detailed to get in the Technical skills: I have worked with many applications but that doesn't mean much because many people have too OR no one will know what I am talking about if I do put them down. How skilled do you have to be in a program or application before you can say, "I do that"?

If anyone sees something I can do better I'd love to hear so email me at gfs110@techie.com to let me know and feel free to cut it up and change something to show what you mean. These are both drafts so I'm happy to change them.

Anyway, thank you for your time.
George F. Stefenelli

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I like the resumerfrom.... better. What you want to do though, is ad a Summary statement. In that summary, include your objective, (What kind of job do you want) and sumarize why you can do that dob.


There are services that provide a FREE resume critique service. Look 'em up via Google.

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