I had a Dazzle 150 that I used with MovieStar5, but the unit stopped working. Since Dazzle was taken over by Pinnacle, they no longer support units that were shipped with MovieStar, even though the problem is with the hardware.

So I bought a new Dazzle 150 (that came with the Pinnacle software). But this new software uses way too much RAM for me (about 245MB and I only have 384MB), and the new unit won't work with MovieStar.

So now I'm looking for either alternatives to Dazzle -- a totally different capture device; some software that will work with Dazzle (without using up all my system resources); or suggestions on how I can get MovieStar to work with the new unit.

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Nvidia had a nice all-in-wonder setup (like three years ago) that could take inputs
from svideo and standard vid imputs.. why not grab some ram from newegg.com
while youre at it.. ..some of the cheapest prices on the net.. ..good service too. :mrgreen:
(sorry about the plug dani, been a while since i've posted a bunch, dont know if this is cool to do anymore..) :-|

happy hunting,

Need info on Dazzle's DVC 150 Video Capture equipment.
Unit plays video but does not capture even though it shows that it is recording

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