Hi all its kind of urgent that i get this problem fixed and im pretty much stumped as to what i can do from here with it so just posting to see if anyone knows what the problem might be.

Basically the problem is We can send and recieve email locally, we can send email externaly however we cannot recieve it. I have tried everything i can think of like reseting our exchange server and even down to little things that shouldnt be causing problems like unplugging the network cable from the New server which isnt up yet and not controlling anything(aventually replacing EXS and FS)

Now i am completely stumped as to what it may be so if anyone has any ideas as to what it may be please either post a reply here ASAP.


Hi all its kind of urgent that i get this problem fixed

First rule here: we're all volunteers here, giving our time here to help others. No one is forced to post here, and so saying "urgent" is NOT going to help (or make us post faster).

Could be that some firewall is interfering. Check to make sure that SMTP and POP (if you use that) are coming through all firewalls, and are allowed both sending and recieving.

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