I'm finishing university and I've created a new Personal Organizer as my final project (diploma work) at school. It's completely different from other organizers. You can check it at: www.wiseware.eu

Anyway, this is a BETA software, so any suggestions or bug reports are welcome ;)

Have a nice and productive day :cheesy: ,

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ive only used it for a few minutes but i like it already:
the sleekness of the menu bar is attractive.
i also like the speed and ease of use of the browser function
i especially like the lock urgency function as this can be very useful.

although i would say that the different sections of the organiser can be a bit confusing

I think it may possibly be out of beta now - that post is almost 2 years old... :P

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Hi leegeorg,

thanks for your feedback, I'm glad you like it :)
Anyway, can you write more about the parts you've found confusing? All the comments and suggestions are appriciated at the moment, since I'm considering a new version :)

Regards, Steve

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its ok firstly i found it confusing about urgency and importance as it isnt explained very well. the calender is quite useful but i have to say that its quite confusing t=when your looking at different days as you cant be that sure about what events are on what days. if i can remember what the others were then id say but until then good luck :)

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