Well, it looks like the latest installment of Microsoft's browser, IE8, is now available for download in beta status. While I'm not daring enough to give it a go myself, word on the street is that, while Microsoft boasts it passes the ACID2 test, it renders most sites rather awkwardly, to the point of being unusable for regular web browsing. (It leaves a sour taste when you consider that their main push is adhering to standards and compliancy.) To add insult to injury, while MS is off boasting that IE8 is CSS2 compliant, they seem to ignore the fact that the ACID3 test is out and browsers such as Firefox and Safari have had CSS3-capable stable versions for months.

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Oh wow, a beta that's not stable and not fully functional. I'm shocked, shocked I say, that Davey didn't go to greater lengths to state how EVIL Microsoft is because of that.

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