One thing that I have learned , is to acknowledge my fears in order to see if I can do anything about them. I would love to read yours fears about this A.I. revolution.

I have chosen to participate in this weave with what ever resources my small company has , because I know that this is a deeply transformative technology in my field (for example we will lunch a products chatbot in some of our clients eShops apps , maybe I will write a separate post about that experience). But of course there many things that I fear, except that A.I. will rule (or even kill) us all.

I believe that this current A.I. frenzy state , is a hype but one that would not go away. As the web bubble burst in early 2000 I believe that something similar will happen with all these "not really" A.I. companies. But the affects will be there. And as the web changed anything , this A.I. wave will do , once again.

My biggest fear is that this revolution is chaotic and driven by near future profits , or / and by near future egos boosting , ignoring the big picture. Some years ago I had the opinion that A.I. will "leak" to the real world piece by piece and that will be barely noticed. Now it makes sounds that are recognized more as explosions.

The consequences of those explosions are not clear , or even what the word will look like after. I know for example that our clients have started to ask things that even in the most futuristic Star Trek movies would look crazy. I know that when we launch an A.I. related product our clients expectations have nothing to do with reality and merge supernatural with tech. The expectations are wild and not founded in any truth or technology.

As Sam said in the topic "what Illia show ?" , my biggest fear is that this all thing has exploded in an awful way. What we will do when we don't hire new programmers because the low end jobs can be done by A.I. ? Will they ever become high end programmers with no experience at all ?

How will this all economy cycle work if you take parts of it off and you have no idea of how will be replaced ? It is a messy transition , ... so more dystopian than I could ever think.

My biggest fear is an expansion of misinformation to the extent that we will not be able to trust that anything we see, hear, or read will have any basis in reality.

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