Hi all, i've found a new google toy to play with, online books which you can download and print for free or just read online.
Here's the http://books.google.com/ (select fullveiw).

I had a quick search on few topics and was surprised to see the volume of books there were.

Cheers 1Image:)

This seems good. May help students and researchers. With all those ad sites taking top places on search engine.


Wow! Thx. Lots of books, and now it's gonna be easy trying to learn new stuff. Don't need to search and buy books anymore. :cheesy:

That is really very good and I am sure it will really come in useful.

any good college textbooks or programming books?

Take a look yourself, they have brought all the world's information together for you! So just look and you will see. They might not have any new ones because I think they have been going through some problems with copyright.

shows some promise

I hope they don't get stuck with copyright because that will be a real annoyance. But they haven't got the like popular books on there yet.

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