I received an offline message in Yahoo messenger from my friend asking me to goto a geocities site. I clicked on it and it took me to a site that looked similar to yahoo and I typed my username and password. And then it took me somewhere else. I then closed it.
I didnt bother about it.
The next day my friends in my Yahoo messenger list received the same message I received. They say it was from me. But I never sent such a message.
I'm shocked coz I know I didn't send the message. I realised the page wuz a fake and now I have changed my Password in Yahoo.
To my Question:
Will that make sure the hacker or whatever won't be able to access my account at all? Or should I delete my account?

P.S.: How many of you have been tricked similarly?

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If you change your password will it be fine (I think).

I've never been tricked that way, mainly because I'm not an member of some mayor service's like Yahoo, Amazon and stuff.
I do actually recieve spam telling me to log in some Amazon.com fakesite. But I don't even use Amazon :P

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