Do you think a listing for $299 at Yahoo is worth it? That comes to about $25/month, which I guess is not too bad. I already place good on google searches. But I guess this gets me into the directory. Which at the very least would get me one high PR link.

Not so sure about how much traffic it generates. Anyone tried Yahoo listings?


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Your going to get mixed reactions on this one.

But me personally I would not buy that.

But many people swear by those listings.

Me personally, I feel you can generate it your self by other advertising means and most of them free.

You would be surprised how powerful word of mouth is.

But even more so... Taking out some targeted link advertising can never be a bad thing either.

I just don't know that I would start dropping 25 a month here 40 there... 10 in another spot.. with no foundation of existing traffic.

If you have good rankings then stick to it and produce results that can warrant the purchase.

IE: Spend profit rather then going in pocket.


Cost wise it seems much expensive.I think if you utilize that amount on other method of advertising even offline you can get good result. However If you're interested for listing you can get it indexed even free in some other directories which offer free service.


I don't pay Yahoo - yet I have a site listed #1 of 4.6 million in Yahoo.

It seems to be easy to get indexed in Yahoo this past while. Just create a blogger.com blog and add the RSS to your my.yahoo account. Post a short article each about your subject and link to your site in each article - then refresh the my.yahoo page or submit your blog to pingomatic.com - you'll soon have the Yahoo bot all over your site.



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