During the remainder of this year, I am looking at completely rebuilding all our domain clients with a new standard build. This gives me a great opportunity, to make improvements to our system, and one area I am keen to investigate is Information Delivery, Communication and System Usability. Our Network is a medium sized domain, with various bespoke Information Systems, ranging from purpose made Applications to various Databases and Spreadsheets. Key to this is data access, and communication, both through messaging and the possibility to use more web based technologies. We also have a lot of publications, and I am keen to make accessing these easier for users.

An idea I have toyed with for some time, is a GUI / Desktop Assistant, and would really like any ideas you experts might have, on what is possible to achieve. The most obvious thing to go for, would be a local web page, and I'd be interested if you could think of any ways to expand on the basics such as chat options, bulletins.

What about actually creating, my own equivalent of Google Desktop, is this possible? The basic premise, to my mind, is some desktop object with web content added, but how could I create that application?

I'm really willing to put a lot of effort into this, to satisfy my own creative juices as much as any work rewards, so I would really appreciate your ideas.

Regards, DaveB

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I'm actually thinking of making my Desktop Assistant, as an Rich Client Platform App using Eclipse software. Any thoughts on this approach?

Regards, Dave

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