hi guys, im currently with AOL and looking to change, whats the best isp at the mo, looking for unlimited / no contract really, currently on 1mb that or 512kb/s would be ok.


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DSL! Comcast cheated us, plus it goes slower if all your neighbors who have cable are watching TV, anyways, here's my spead:

1536 Kbps (downstream)
384 Kbps (upstream)

if your planning on doing a Home Host I think you should definately do T1, maybe even faster, but the downstream is how fast it takes to go to page, and upstream, is how fast it takes for people to connect to your computer :) so you want a REALLY fast upstream if you're doing a home server! :)

cheers mate, are comcast only providing in the u,s or over here as well?


probably us only, they're so racial, lemme check though...
See why Comcast is the #1 Broadband ISP in the US.

sounds like us only to me...

I have T3 from iProvo, it's fiber optic and it's so freaking fast. Only available in Provo, Utah, though.

wow you guys have should awsome connections, there inst much choice here, you either have a slow but unlimited connection or fast but capped connection, with all the customer service guys saying the same thing when you get a problem "mr darren it is modem...." lol

and don't let adelphia fool you with their "19.99 for 3 months" hi-speed internet deal...it sucks...really...


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