Im a noob looking to get into some website advertising and so forth. I hope I put this in the right forum. If not sorry please redirect me.

I have been looking at buying a website off of ebay. I know theres alot of crap out there floating around but I have found some established ones that have proof of earning and all.

A good friend of mine does alot of web designing and we are in the process of doing something for my investing business. However I have found some investment websites that get paid by adsense and others that are up for sale. Are these good ideas and what are the best to use. Best ways to use.

Also intrested in casino websites. I have found some of those for sale that are established and profit earning.

Could you guys please give me some advice on purchasing already running websites. Ones that are successful and ones to watch out for. Maybe some websites where I could find established websites for sale.

Thanks for your help!


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I would not recommend buying any established website from anyone on eBay because a lot are just selling the website to get your money for hosting. (read the fine print).

You might want to go to someplace like Sedo or GoDaddy and look for an established domain name and website.

Always check to make sure the domain you are looking at has been registered a year at least, it's very important in relation to Google rankings.

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