Hi Everyone
I m a noob with Ram, motherboards and memory or w/e.. but anyway My question is Do DDR and DDR2 works together well?
because I currently have a 512 Ram and I m willing to get another 512 Ram DDR2 or DDR to make it 1G I don't know which to decide.

This is what i m getting

I know where to locate or install in the case but after I put the stick into the motherboard, Do the computer automaticlly install by itself?

Any Help will be appreciate Thanks ;)

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This is directly from Intel:

DDR and DDR2 memory are mutually incompatible. Voltages, pins and signaling differ between DDR(1) and DDR2. DDR2 sockets will not accept DDR DIMMs and DDR sockets will not accept DDR2 DIMMs.

Since you are asking the question, it would seem that you don't know what type of RAM is compatible with your system. What is the manufacturer and model number of your motherboard (use Everest to find out if you don't know).

Thanks for the sites It really came in handy!
In the Motherboard properties/ i got Motherboard ID: <DMI> Motherboard Name: Dell Dimension 4550 / Ram DDR SDRAM, These are from Memory Bus Properties.. Bus width: 64 bit, Real clock: 167 MHz (DDR), Effective Clock: 333MHz, Bandwidth: 2666 MB/s and The Ram is 512.

I don't know if this is motherboard or something else but it saids SPD Memory Module properties: Model Number: Hyundai HYMD264 646A8J-J, Size: 512 MB ( 2 ranks, 4 banks )
DDR SDRAM, Memory speed : PC 2700 (166 MHz)

I have BIOS Properties and Manufacturer too, But what is BIOS anyway..? I m noob at this sorry

I don't have the exact information about the motherboard it saids go to dell.com to check more.. but couldn't find my comp I guess its kind old..

Here's a page that shows what RAM modules will work with your system (of course, these are Kingston-only modules; I simply picked Kingston as an example). As you can see, your system will support either DDR266 or DDR333 modules of a max size of 512MB and with a total system capacity of 1GB.

It would seem that you already have a DDR333 512MB module, so adding an additional DDR333 512MB module would be the best decision to upgrade your RAM. It might help you to know that DDR333 modules also go by the type description of PC2700.

BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System. This is a program that resides on a chip on the motherboard and performs all the necessary system startup functions that allow the computer to operate and an operating system to load.

As you can see, your system will support either DDR266 or DDR333 modules of a max size of 512MB and with a total system capacity of 1GB.

nevermind, I forgot what you said :cheesy:

nevermind, I forgot what you said :cheesy:

Yeah, if you want the pqi RAM, get this module.

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