My name is Daniel Shaw. I am an industry analyst and am excited about finding this forum to finally link up with others who share a common passion and geekiness. I look forward to sharing random information and new ideas with all of you.

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Hi Daniel, what is your main area of interest as an analyst?

Hi Happy Geek,

My main area of interest is in Knowledge Management and the area of collaborative technologies.

I've checked out your blog. I think a lot of the work you do is very interesting. Are you self-employed?


Hi Daniel, yep a self-employed freelance journalist, author and consultant of some 16 years standing now. Which I guess means I must be doing something right :)


Hey kritisoft, welcome to DaniWeb - but a few pointers:

1. don't hijack threads like this, it is considered rude and is against the rules at DaniWeb - start a new thread when you have a question to ask please.

2. don't ask questions in the community introductions forum, this place is just for saying hi and letter everyone know who you are.

3. when you do ask your question in the appropriate forum (Databases) then you will need to give it a lot more thought and go into a lot more detail if you are to get any meaningful help.

Hope you take this advice in the spirit of goodwill in which it was intended.

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