Hi, I've been working for the last time on a project on sourceforge called kika, that consists on a simple python script, and it's a sort of a plain text preproccessor that uses xml to define the proccessing to be done. I recently made a packaged release (deb and rpm) for linux.

I'm looking for some opinions about the project, to see if anyone thinks it's something that could actually be a usefull tool...

If anyone is interested on checking this out, the projects home page is:


And the sourceforge page is:


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You're using XML to preprocess TeX files! TeX! There's already a way to preprocess TeX files; the TeX language itself! It has features for that! Why would you use this? Seriously.

Also, you have several problems: First, you're using XML. That makes things harder. Second, what's with the 'print' element? There's no need to wrap that text in any 'print' element.

Why are you using backslash codes like \n in XML text? Have you seen any other XML format do that?

It's easier to whip up a Perl script than to write out an XML file.

If anything, instead of XML, I'd do something along these lines:

#hello $param1 $param2
Hello Mr. $param1,


Sincerely, $param2
#foobar $k
@text :: $x $y
Listing of $k:

Item: $x\t Zing: $y


#hello Quux Khanbar

How are you doing?  Here are our Dingbats:

#foobar dingbats
Cat 7
Dog 9
Zephyr 23
toozaloo 19
Zamboni -3


gets processed into, well, you can figure it out.


I guess you're right in some things. I actually eliminated the print element cause it was absolutely useless, but the docs that are on the site describe an older version.

Also, tex is just an example, and the idea of using xml, is because it allows a clear visualisation of what is done. Also, the idea is to write the xml file once, and use it many times....

But, anyway, thanks for your opinion :cheesy:

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