I have received a prototype Latitude D620 notebook from Dell which has a biometric fingerprint scanner in the touchpad. Now thats all very nice and dandy. My problem is this that some people within my organisation have been playing with it before it was given to me. I now have a system bios that was apparently locked by someones big toe, whos big toe it is we'll never know as I have decided its not very sanitary to try and fit the glass slipper.
There is no override password set and this equipment was to be returned to Dell in full working order.

We haven't told Dell what we have done yet but were pretty sure manufacturers have overrides for such things.
Does anyone know if this is reversible by the manufacturers?

Dell always has a master bios password. Although if you tell Dell of your debacal your sure to be put off there beta list.

I would make up a nice story about the testing admin was fired or let go and the beta system is locked and you need to unkey it. Only Dell can do this.


Just send it back. They have their ways. If it's a BIOS password, it can be unlocked. If it's a Windows password, the drive can be wiped. Besides, it's a prototype system-- it's not like they're going to use it for something else, anyways...

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