Hey everyone! :mrgreen:

I want to start a project soon, I have only alittle bit of knowledge of php so comments and suggestions would be very helpful! Although i am learning as much as I can, without confusing myself!

Anyway I want to open an ecommerce site, but want all the features together in one, and something that can let others update (other admins/mods) and communicate (everyone). Here are alist of some of the features I was hoping to include:

1. Shopping cart
2. CMS (content managment system)
3. Discussion forum
4. Third party software uum 'plugability' is that a word, lol.
5. Easy to update?
6. Loggin to all features at the same time. (same username etc)

Is this Possible? Im assuming it is, but would take some work.

Here are the steps I've come up with so far:
1. Figure out what it will do. Planning where I want to go with it. What will be the essencial fetures, etc. Then plan what I will do.
(Very important step!)

2. Build skeleton/framework or use one thats already made
3. Build a template system
4. Build the database
5. Build the individual apps or use existing ones
5. Put it all together
6. Test features/performance/debug/etc
7. Add finishing touches and retest.
8. Celebrate

What do you think? Suggestion, comments?

I've been wanting to do this for about 7 or so months, but I didnt even know how to go about it then. Now im learning php.

Can it be done better in a different language?
Is Ruby better then php?
What language would you use for a larger web applications?

Any input is welcome. :cheesy:
Look forward to hearing replys.

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Just bumping up, any ideas?


Quite intersting... Nothing i can help much but i can tell u that php is one of the best server-side scripting language, which is very recomemded to use. ^^

Beside it work with MySQL database which is a very reliable database.


I can help you along if you had any problem with the php scripting. ^^

PHP/MySQL is the most widely language used now for web developement. You can look into hotscripts.com to find some free scripts there. Otherwise, you would have to hire a freelancer to do the job for you.

I may use stuff thats already been created and then impliment it into my script. But im not in a rush, I want to learn PHP and make this myself.


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