i decided to make program, which will correct addresses in access file or some DB. Is not importent.

But there is main question whic way to chose? Is this just complicated sql, or is this some nice tool written in VBA,VB,java,...?

Requirments are big:
Number of data is above 100.000 rows. I have two tables, one is with wrong addresses and other has all possible addresses in our country. So this program, should correct addresses regarding right second table..

Anny suggestions? Only language I know is SQL and something VB.

Are there any visul programing methods, which will simplify this logic programing?

Thanks! :rolleyes:

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100,000 rows is just an average size database -- large ones have millions of rows. If you have an address in table A that is not in table B then you want to correct the address in table A. How are you going to do that? How do you know what address it should have been? If the address is "ABC" how will the program determine that it should have been address "XYZ" instead of "HIJ" or any of the other 100,000 or so rows in table B?

god questuon, addresses are not wrong but written not correctly


A table: Jankova st. 12/b
B tabel (per standard): Jankova street 12B

With patterns, like,...

I see, except you're going to have a little bit of work creating an algorithm that guesses which row in table B the row in table A should have been. It's almost like creating a spell-checker that guesses the correct word. That in itself will keep you busy, let alone the updating and language choices.

For language choice, probably the easiest way to read Access's .mdb files is to use VB, and use the ADO commands to open, read, and update the file. Here's a basic tutorial:

Thank you very mutch! Yes I would like to make some kind of spell checker...

This tutoral is very god, but I already have vb2005 express... :-(

I already found some samples of connecting to mdb file, but there are so complicated...

If you find something usefull...


>>samples of connecting to mdb file, but there are so complicated...
There is nothing simple about working with databases. If you find it too complex then maybe you are not yet ready for it.

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