What's the coolest programming language? And why?

Oh boy this should be fun :->

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PHP because it made a cool thing like DaniWeb.

Perl. Any other questions?


C and Python...beat that.

Java or C?

C and Python

The question is what is the programming language, not what are the coolest languages. Decide which one.


I later saw the why? part.
VB, C and C++ are the only ones I know even a little bit. VB is a bit old. No galmour in saying that. C++ supports C too. So I am getting 2 out of 3 when I say C++.

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Define cool.

C/C++ has been around much longer than VB.

C/C++ has been around much longer than VB.

Yep. What would be the word then... deprecated? But I think you know what I mean. I am talking about VB6, and it has not been supported by Visual Studio since this .NET thing.

VB is definitely uncool.

I find C++ coolest one around

The coolest programing language doesn't exist because I haven't made it yet.

C# is the best language I think for Windows Programmers.

I think Haskell is pretty cool. At least in the sense of if anybody claims that OO is the end-all of everything, you can say no, functional programming is, tell them that Haskell is better than any OO language, and then you won't have to hear back from them for ten years as they try to understand how a list could possibly have an infinite number of elements.

I think right now that Perl 6 is pushing the awesomeness and coolness envelope pretty far.

ruby is definately the most fun to use.

to be honest "cool programming language" is oxymoronic

I think Python is pretty fun to work with. Plus, even I can learn it, so that makes it cool :cheesy:

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I think Python is pretty fun to work with. Plus, even I can learn it, so that makes it cool :cheesy:

I think I may decide to learn python so I can code up some blender scripts.

Binary though it's not a language in the modern sense it's been around for thousands of years (since the invention of the abacus and maybe earlier) and still sits there now underneath all the others

to be honest "cool programming language" is oxymoronic

I see your point, tis a bit.

I personally think it's either Classic BASIC or GML

Visual Basic

Yes actually i correct myself...

Visual Basic and GML

let's say VB and C#.. you can't find a single cool language. each one complete the other one. VB it's easy, nice, pritty, easy to undertand.. less C# but if you combine them... you will be quite powerfull!

of course there are many other programming language not only VB and C# but in comparation with others this 2 has more opened windws. lets pick C# you can do what you want: games, multimedia, web, scripts... if you combine ASP (like vb) with C# you will have good web programming.

so.. i stay on my opinon VB + C#
maby in a few years i will change that for Macromedia FLex

i can't believe how many people seem to think vb is cool.

can anyone give me one cool feature about vb?

Simplicity for large-scale apps. Let's face it, I'll build my messenger in VB before you will build yours in C. Now, if you take into account the ACTUAL LANGUAGE, well, you're right... VB sucks. It lacks the power of pointers (excluding AddressOf, but it's not really a pointer per se), it requires runtimes, AND it usually produces a larger .exe than needs be..... HOWEVER, you can put some serious power behind VB with API calls and the use of AddressOf.... Anyway, The answer to your question is: Simplicity.

I concede; VB is good for doing things quickly.

I did mean the actual language itself was uncool though :)


I know of no other language that give more "bang per buck" as quickly as Prolog in terms of getting to an "oh wow" moment.

I had the lucky opportunity to actually build a commercial application in Prolog (as opposed to just play with it) a couple of years ago and it had a profound impact.

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JaVa MaN! It's object oriented, it's safe, it's fun, it's easy to learn, it's JSE, JEE, JME, backed by SUN, jacked by gAteZ, highly portable, the industry luvs it, craves it, it's on demand baby! It was an Oak,but now it's a Bean~gOTjaVa?


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