time is tight

tight for cash

queen of spades

spades are swords of a soldier, clubs are the weapons of war...

war is deadly

cobra energy drink

(sir) drink a lot

Good is not enoguh, excellent is better

Best is what winners hope to attained or achieved

Achieved success through effort and hardwork

Hardwork is what the ancients do to become

Become an example for the followers

Followers is someone that follow you

you seem to be very excited

Spelling error, abelLazm.

Making this thread up again
you seem to be very excited

Excited? Are you excited abelLazm? From your signature it appears so

so you were looking at my signature?

Signature? Are you a chef because i only heard of Signature Dish

Dishes need to be washed.

Car talk is on ON SATURDAYS @ 11am to 12pm and sometimes its interesting!

Interesting? What so interesting about?