Sentences written in this thread are no more than nonsense.

Nonsense, Yourself, is easy to start a sentence with

"Prig" is not a word to be used in public, young man.

Man and animals should live in harmony. (bleh..couldn't think of anything else)

In the dark of night, creatures of the hell lurk.

Want of all human beings don't get satisfied.

Satisfied customers will usually lead to return business

Business sense is developed by practice and experience and not by getting a mere degree..

Degrees are becoming very important for starting a career.

Career is what a person must choose for himself.

himself,herself,what does it matter?

not 1 person showed up.

Sky is the limit.

Limit yourself to only what you know?? You'd mi$$ out on so much if you thought this way.

Way is where there is will.

Million times I will say, are you crazy ? ;)

Crazy people spend million bucks a day.

Day and night matters no more for me.

Me like smashy time.

Time and tide wait for no man.

Powerful flavours make bad cocktails

cocktails are on their best when the mixture is perfect.

Perfection is what I aim for.