span sucks, I prefer div tags

Tags are not what I aim for, I aim for growth and evolution

slow man!! Dont speed on this road....IT would be a big mistake

grow, grow, grow! your performance this is what we hear all time.

time to make the donuts!

Donuts are not a happening discussion for an IT forum...:D

misunderstandable happenings is what we call miracles

Miracles do happen.

Happenstance is the meeting between two strangers who have never met before.

(Wikipedia definition of happenstance)

Before your time and more than your destiny, you can get nothing.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Gained Nothing! Shame on you.

Say what you want to.

happen or not, just believe...

believe in faith, we cant see a man names jesus liking to die for people he didnt knew

knew someone and lost contact wih them?

Them is not a good word to start a sentence with...

with me and my friends the world is gonna blow.

friends are always with you

friends are always with you

I ended with blow, so you must start with blow only.

Anyways, lets continue with game

You are busted:mrgreen:

hahaha sorry...

BLOW! a bomb instead of an airplane

Airplane crashed upon me.

Methinks this thread is entertaining

Entertaining is what most of the people think this thread is, but not many know the reality.

reality is a matter of perspective

perspective of a writter is shown in his books