Moon the teacher.

Teacher, mentor, guide and friend,
he stuck with us to the end.

End this talk of ends and let's talk of beginnings, Welcome AnnieB glad your here!

here we talk about anything that we want to.

Own your life, don't let someone own you.

you don't know what you're talking about, right?

Right away sir.

Sir Theres a fly in my soup, and seems to be naked.

Naked people can be found on a nude beach.

Beach bum is my chosen profession!

Profession, what does that mean dad?

What is that hickey doing on your neck?

Neck the dog, walked to the park.

Neck, you kissed her neck.

Neck, yes then we kissed on the deck above the pool.

Pool tables generally have green velvet.

Velvet paintings are cool!, especially of Elvis.

Elvis sang horribly.

"horribly" is what people said when asked how Elvis sang.

Sang the devil to death he did.

dang he's fast!!!!
Did I hear he Sang it smooth as silk

Silk is as smooth as baby's skin.

Skin of leather is how it felt.

Felt better the other day

Day, not night, is when most people go to work.

Work - hard work that is - is supposedly good for the soul.