Sentence structure is important in language.

Language is an art which many people lack.

Lack of will is what kills people.

'People' is a magazine's name which has stories and gossips about your favourite celebrities !

Celebrities are the worst kind of people.

people here are very interesting !

Interesting sentences are common here.

Here, in my office, there are people who can type using their nose !

Nose, the part of the human body that uses the sense of smell.

smell can be good or bad depending upon what you smell !

Smell the chocolate, and float away.

Away -- how far do you have to go to float on the smell of chocolate?

Chocolate is one of the best foods on the planet.

Planet Earth is full of wonders; with all that, who would want to go to the moon?

Moon landings are an extraordinary achievement.

Achievement is something which can't be achieved by everyone.

Everyone is not capable of anything they want.

want to learn programming ? Click here.

Here we come to save the day.

day dreaming is good, keep dreaming.

Dreaming is something everyone does, even if they do not remember.

Remember me ? I am the one who pushed you into a well 4 years ago.

Ago is a very weird word to have in the beginning of the sentence.

sentence formation is a very difficult thing.

Thing, he walks this earth without a name, a family.

family man, thats what they call me !

Me like you,we are a big happy family :)

family and friends is all we need for a happy life.

Life is not complete without your computer.

computer is a part of my life.