Year, why do you go by so fast?

Fast and furious is a good movie.

Movie adaptations of books are generally horrible, compared to the book.

Book your tickets here!

Here we go again.

Again, oh dear whatever next.

Next friday I am going to get married. All are welcome!

Welcome all and many will come

btw: Congrats :)

Come home soldiers !

@Serunson, I am not getting married for real :P

Soldiers fight on the front lines of battle

@nav33n: lol :D

Battle for what you believe, not what you are told.

Told is the past tense of tell.

Tell me you love me and I will not believe you.

You wouldn't believe, but I just saw an alien.

Alien Life forms exist.

Exist starts with letter E.

E is the 5th letter in English alphabet.

Alphabet soup is good for the soul.

Soul is invincible! Only the body dies.

Dies can also be spelt as dyes, but are pronounced the same.

Same job, same car, same life.

Same S#@&%t different day!

dang too sloooooo

Life comes at you fast!

Fast moving cars are a danger to birds.

Birds droppings can cause big damage to car paint

Paint is microsoft window's default picture editor. Its commonly known as Mspaint!

Mspaint is not as good as the editing software known as 'The Gimp'!

The Gimp is an open source software.

Raining doesnt necessary relate to water falling from sky! :)

Sorry! I broke the thread. I replied to the wrong thread... :(

Raining doesnt necessary relate to water falling from sky! :)

Err! You are supposed to start a sentence with the last word of the previous post! Software, in this case.

Sky is blue, water is blue, the fishes are dumb, so are you!