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Time for a new game perhaps? The last 'images' topic I tried proved popular for a brief while, but it wasn't designed to be ongoing. How about this one?

Pick a ridiculous situation.
Post a picture found with Google image search that illustrates it.
Pick the topic for the next person to do.

I'll start it off with "Dog wearing sunglasses"


You make the image appear by displaying it full size from your Google results, right-clicking it and choosing 'Properties', and copy/paste the address shown for the image into the dialogue box you get from the 'Insert image' button above the Post entry/edit box. (You'll need to use the 'Reply' function, not the 'Quick reply' or you won't get the Image Insert button)

Next picture:

"Banana on holidays"

Edit: In retrospect, it's apparent that I've not explained the 'intent' of the game fully.

Simply put, the next image merely needs to 'fit' with what's been asked for. You're not restricted to only using the term asked for as a Google search criteria. Use lateral thinking and creative use of Search Criteria to 'find' an image which illustrates the term requested, using Google Image Search.

Sometimes, simpling using the request as a Search criteria will bring an immediate result. But if the term doesn't generate a Google 'hit', it's time to exercise your search skills! Sometimes, being creative might even generate a better image to use!

For example, if the next topic for an image was "The Mouse that Roared", then entering that as a search criteria would certainly generate images from movie sites and such, but using 'angry mouse' as your search criteria might just generate an image which 'fits' much better!

Have fun with it, and be creative in your topic suggestions as well!


(And by the way, that "56K warning" is just a courtesy to dial-up users, it's not a size restriction ;) )

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Oh, now there's a nasty little thing about the Google image game. Ya gotta be careful you don't link to an image from a site which doesn't allow direct linking! Ya get nasty messages when ya do that!

Try again, I reckon :D
(And perhaps try previewing the post ;))

heh heh heh........
Got one!

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