Hi everyone

I want to know what GFX card to get for my PC.

I've just inherited some money and am getting a spec together for a high-end dual core PC (I've never owned a PC before), with an HD TV/Monitor that supports 1080p, and I want to get the best GFX card (money's not an object) that will give me the best GFX possible and supports my monitor's 1080p.

Can anyone help a poor PC virgin bewildered by the array of GFX cards on the market?

NB If I'm posting in the wrong place to get this answered then please redirect me.

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Hi money no object Michael :)

Welcome to DaniWeb.

Are you taking the piss?

I've been poor most of my life and now I want to make the most of a family member's death and my new (and definitely short-lived) affluence by spending their hard earned money to play Gears Of War and remind myself of their rigid corpse by blowing peoples' brains out.

Anything wrong with that?


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