I use Microsoft frontapge and I would like to make my own forum.....how would I do that???

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i belive there is a wizard. Its called a discussion board in frontpage. Word of warning though, no proper forums are made in Frontpage and you cannot host a frontpage page on a cheap (linux) webserver

I would go with phpbb (http://phpbb.com) forums. They are free and there is a large community that can help you with customization to your liking.

If you want to go with a higher end forum program, you can buy a license for vbulletin (http://www.vbulletin.com/) which is what daniweb is running.

yeah, i agree.. i recommend phpbb forums. you can find lots of support websites and forums that can help you throughout the process

so all i got to do is download the software off of phpbb???

so all i got to do is download the software off of phpbb???

You must have a web server to upload the software.

Read the installation guide that comes with the software download.


ei how bout simplemachine?did anyone used this?

Ive used both simplemachines and PhpBB. If you just want a server for development / playing about then download XAMPP from ApacheFriends. DO NOT USE IN A PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT. With this software you can get php/apache/mysql as well as a nice web interface to mange mysql databases up and running in a matter of minutes, and phpbb/simplemachines runs prettymuch out of the box on it.

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