So i want to start this forum, but web design is deffinitely not my area of expertise. That is my way of warning you that i am a total noob when it comes to this stuff. What i want to create is the following:

(Right now i plan on using vbulliten software)

A main website that will act like a central hub (just for the sake of it, lets call it From that page you can go to the forums section, where there will the option to go to 50 different forums (one for each state). For example: York, Jersey, etc.

Each forum (of the 50) has their own set of sub-forums. For example: Events, electrical help, tuning, car audio, member's rides, forsale, etc

The users can log into and post in any of the 50 states, however after their name there will be a "ny, nj, etc" to dictate which area they are from (this is done when registering there account.

Total population of users will eventually be pretty high (possibly in the millions when fully operational for a year)

OK...........Now for my questions. I have no knowledge of making websites, however i do not plan on doing this myself, but rather have someone set it up for me. I just want to know what is involved.

1) How hard would it be to set up a site like this and what is involved (basics, i am no IT wiz)?

2) What type of hosting do i need and how much would it cost?

3)Do i need individual licencing for each of the 50 different forums, or can it be under one licence since it will be under one domain name?

I'm sure i'll think of more questions...

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you need hosting with an SQL Database and support for Serverside Scripting (probably PHP)

I'd probably use SMF.

1. It's not too hard as long as you can be intuitive about using a new control panel. No coding should be needed.

2. Depends on how much traffic you think the website will receive. Take a look at the various hosting packages on

3. Licensing for what exactly? The forum? Nope. It's all one website.

Is there coding with vbulliten? If so how hard would it be? The only reason i would be leaning towards vbulliten is that I know it pretty well and most of its functions. Also i think it is a pretty good program. I don't really know the simplemachines forum setup. I don't see a way to have "PM's" on their setup. Also how secure is it?

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