Once again I seek your help but can give nothing in return.
I purchased a software programme about 1 year ago called:-

System Mechanic 6 from iolo

It works ok but advises me all the time that things need fixing ie:-
optimise speed registry clean up defrag privacy etc:-

It takes me half an hour before I can start using the computer when I follow all their check ups.

I don` have System 6 installed on my laptop and it works a lot faster.

System Mechanic now wants me to update to the next level Mech 7.
Which costs more.

Also it take a lot of disc space.

Can you please tell me if I need System Mechanic or similar software?

I am using Windows XP Inter Expl 7 I have antivirus and firewall.

Many thanks if anyone can help.

Regards sabatas

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I would remove it. You don't need it unless you are having serious problems with the registry, virus damage and so on. The rest of the time it is actually causing more problems than it can possibly be repairing.
Reinstall it only when you have a significant problem, then uninstall it after the fix.
Most of what System Mechanic 6 is doing is generating business for its self, trying to get you to buy updates and other software. If you run Adaware6 Personal Edition (free) SpyBot14 (free) both will show you that System Mechanic's owners are tracking your activity.
Come back to us with specifics of problems you are having before you use it again.

Agreed with above. System Mechanic has been known for many FPs (false positives) that encourage the user to buy. For that reason, I would recommend uninstalling it, and not upgrading.

At the same time, I would run a scan with AVG AS (instead of Adaware/Spybot).

Here are instructions for running it:

Please download AVG Anti-Spyware to your Desktop or to your usual Download Folder.

  • Install AVG Anti-Spyware by double clicking the installer.
  • Follow the prompts. Make sure that Launch AVG Anti-Spyware is checked.
  • On the main screen under Your Computer's security.
    • Click on Change state next to Resident shield. It should now change to inactive.
    • Click on Change state next to Automatic updates. It should now change to inactive.
    • Next to Last Update, click on Update now. (You will need an active internet connection to perform this)
    • Wait until you see the Update succesfull message.
  • Right-click the AVG Anti-Spyware Tray Icon and uncheck Start with Windows.
  • Right-click the AVG Anti-Spyware Tray Icon and select Exit. Confirm by clicking Yes.

If you are having problems with the updater, you can use this link to manually update AVG.
AVG Anti-Spyware manual updates.
Download the Full database to your Desktop or to your usual Download Folder and install it by double clicking the file. Make sure that AVG Anti-Spyware is closed before installing the update.

Close ALL open Windows / Programs / Folders. Please start AVG Anti-Spyware and run a full scan.

  • Click on Scanner on the toolbar.
  • Click on the Settings tab.
    • Under How to act?
      • Click on Recommended Action and choose Quarantine from the popup menu.
    • Under How to scan?
      • All checkboxes should be ticked.
    • Under Possibly unwanted software:
      • All checkboxes should be ticked.
    • Under Reports:
      • Select Automatically generate report after every scan and uncheck Only if threats were found.
    • Under What to scan?
      • Select Scan every file.
  • Click on the Scan tab.
  • Click on Complete System Scan to start the scan process.
  • Let the program scan the machine.
  • When the scan has finished, follow the instructions below.
    IMPORTANT : Don't click on the "Save Scan Report" button before you did hit the "Apply all Actions" button.
  • When done, click the Save Scan Report button. (4)
    • Click the Save Report as button.
    • Save the report to your Desktop.
  • Right-click the AVG Anti-Spyware Tray Icon and select Exit. Confirm by clicking Yes.

Reboot in Normal Mode.

commented: You must have worked hard :cheesy: --joeprogrammer +3
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