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If I owned an Aibo, I wouldn't kick it :)

Anyone want to buy me an Aibo for Xmas? Not being picky or anything, but it would have to be an older one which looked more like a doggy and less like K9.


I'd love to buy you an Aibo for Xmas. Only problem is I have no money. 15 year olds generally can't even afford a games console themsleves, never mind a hi-tech robotic pet. :)


I would love to buy myself an Aibo for Xmas but if I spent a grand, or thereabouts, on a toy dog I suspect I would not be around to enjoy it in the New Year.

Unless I also spent more than a grand on 'her indoors' so she was too focussed on the shiny diamond bracelet to notice the shiny robotic dog :)


... if I spent a grand...

A grand? Since when does the UK use grand? :p Shouldn't that be a tonne? :twisted:


Londoners have always used grand for a thousand quid, although more recently it has been usurped by 'bag of sand' which is cool - new slang for an old slang term.

A ton is one hundred, be it quid or miles per hour as in "I did the ton up"

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