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My NY resolution is to keep it for at least 30 days

Mine is quite different..........i would try keeping the same old resolution that i am keeping on every NY day for atleast a week.

Wel that is, to start my studies seriously:mrgreen:


So, new year is coming up.......many of you must have decided your new year resolution, whats that??

I don't normally make New Year' resolutions (Hell, don't even celebrate New Year's-- bunch of drunk and loud people :evil: ), but I do have many things I need to finish, so I guess they are resolutions:

  1. Finish building then deploy my girlfiend's business website
  2. Same exact thing with my graphic design site
  3. Organize all the files on my computer pertaining to finished programs, libraries, snippets, etc
  4. Develop more with Java and Ruby

1) Give up smoking (so far so good)
2) Get my Photography site up and running!

These are the two im most likely to triumph in, others can wait!!

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