Hello people. I have just recently joined this space and introduced myself with a blog. You can click here to view it.

Other than that I am a geek in my own sane way. Love to learn about computers and programming. However not yet landed with the correct job. If anyone is generous enough to gimme a job that I need, oh well, I'd be delighted. :cheesy:

Otherwise you can ask me questions and try to find answers thorugh me. To me this whole IT/Computer field is like a mine, and right now I don't know where to dig.

Hope to meet like-minded people here.

You can read my other blogs too if you want to know what antics I usually play online. However if you do read them tell me what you feel about them.

<url's snipped>

You can also know more about me through google - try searching for deostroll....

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Hello and welcome to DaniWeb, and thanks for the great blog entry introduction. Cool.

I snipped the off-site blog URLs from your posting, by the way, but please feel free to add these to your signature via the control panel!

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