In the future i wish to become a games programmer for a large company such as EA or UbiSoft. At the moment i am taking ICT GCSE (the only option in my school) then i'm moving onto a computing A Level which looks more into programming, and the hardware, and what i like to call "Proper" aspects of computers, rather than ALL bieng based on Microsoft Access, Excel and Word work.

After i have taken my A Levels, i was wondering if anyone could advise me on a degree to start looking at, and a university in England that is well known for computing.

I have heard of some Universities doing a games programming/designing course, but i dont know how people with these qualifications have got on. I would really appreciate a few responses.

Alex Barton

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I'm doing BTEC National Diploma in ICT (three a levels) at the moment.. guess what software we've used? Word, Excel, and are about to use.. you guessed it Access!

We have done a web developing unit, involving frontpage and very briefly Macromedia Flash. And are also learning binary. but there is alot of stuff which seems to be repeated from GCSE (which i did vocational in, aka double).

Don't get your hopes up for the a level. A degree would definitly be more detailed, shame there's two years before that

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