i am currently looking for a job in an entry level position in the computer industry
i have an asoc degree from local comm. college and am currently getting more an more aquainted with win2k server, as well as xp win2k, i live in northeastern ohio and theres not much industry left around here to support an infrastructure
requireing automation let alone computerintegration

does anybody have any suggestions as to which areas of the country are in a state of growth rather than further decline into the rustbelt, or perhaps some websites that might be helpful thanks john

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Just remember:
In August (fall) it is beautiful and muggy
In Winter it is cold
In the Spring you have allergies and it is muggy
In Summer it is Hot and muggy... WRITE THAT DOWN! I have lived here in TX and that's how it is.


I have not been COLD in texas in a long time... maybe it's because I was born in maine...

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