As we move ever further towards becoming a global community, where social networking and Web 2.0 concepts rule supreme, what has become of us from the perspective of identity?

Technology drives ways to speed up, enhance and render our lives in the 21st century but at what cost.

In a world where identity and digital identity are increasingly becoming one and the same, what has happened to privacy?

So I ask the question, is it possible to remain truly anonymous in this digital age unless you effectively opt out of society as we have come to accept it?

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Very interesting questions my friend!!

I think thats why stuff like TOR exists to try and help people remain secure if they really wanna.....

I think the only real packets you should wanna keep secret are EMAIL PACKETS (As they are the most compromisable packet)


Web developers try to mirror the real life. They try to make it as realistic as possible, allowing you to chat real-time with other people on the Internet, buy and sell items, and tons of other stuff.

If you're really paranoid about privacy, sure: you can use proxies to hide your IP address, remailers to hide your emai address, etc.. But "how important is privacy to you?" is the real question.

You can't remain anonymous in real life, and why would you want to? Imagine this world with everyone wearing masks to protect their identity. Of course, real threats exist on the internet, but the same exist in real life. Forget it, you're not going to be safe, although it would be foolish to abandon security measures altogether.

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