So, I got a GPRS/UMTS modem for my laptop 2 days ago. It's extremely cool, maybe I'm only posting this message to show off that I have one.

But I'm honestly intriuged by an aspect of it.

It renders pages (layout, style etc) exactly how a wireless modem would, and for the most part, it seems like I'm using the Internet on a "normal" connection.

Until I hit GIF and PNG images that is. Transparent backgrounds = no way, and it insists on going to what looks like the Websafe pallete for all GIFs.

This never happened on a "normal" connection. Where's that happening? The ISP (T-Mobile) filter certain content; would they be likely to reduce the quality of images somewhere along the route? (which would actually save me money). Or is it a latency issue? Or is it something in Windows? Is it specific to the protocol? (I'm used to wireless broadband, I haven't been on a "dial-up" connection for years)

Alot of questions. I need to call T-Mobile anyway to cancel the WAP on my mobile phone, maybe they can give me an answer.

Actually, pictures render more "usually" on my mobile phone over WAP (oldschool GPRS not UMTS).

But anyway, I'm honestly not affected by it as an issue, I'd rather have FTP working :P

It's a good deal actually, if you need mobile WWW access anywhere with 3G or GPRS coverage, it's £19.99 a month; on an 18 month contract the modem is free; it's fast (depending on whether it can access 3G), the connection can be shared on multiple PCs; download/upload throughput is under an acceptable usage agreement, but otherwise unlimited.

I'm not on the T-Mobile sales team. Really ;)

EDIT: thinking about it, if my usage is unlimited/excess uncharged it'd be in their best interests to reduce the size of images being sent out. But that seems a bit contrite. GIFs/PNGs are tiny.

Actually, JPEGs are looking a bit more fuzzy today...

Woah. I found the solution, but not the cause. If I hover my mouse over an image, and press Shift+R, it appears properly. Well strange, I was on this forum, and the solution appeared while my mouse rested over an image, in the form of a tooltip text box. I thought maybe, it was specific to this forum (bandwidth saving), but nope, it works anywhere - but the tooltip text only seems to appear here; but maybe it's only on images which would have tooltip text anyway..

I dunno if it'll work on firefox aswell; the same thing was happening there.

Got FTP aswell ^_- t'was a firewall issue.

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