hi eveyone out there!!!!!!
am a student intending on developin a software for cryptography....
i have read a couple of books on this subject, but it has given me very little ideas to proceed any further, so if any one of u can help me out with it, it would be of great help.....

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yes i did try tat but to no avail!!
the thing is all these web pages only deal with different types of cryptography,...
what i am lookin our for is some sort of a base from which i can start developing a software for cryptography......


hi could you be a bit clearer about what it is that you want? as in what kind of software or maybe what exactly you are looking for. anyway here are a couple of links that might provide you with some information

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Erm, that thread was exactly FOUR YEARS OLD until you resurrected it. I imagine that sham51 has long since either understood crypto or given up...

Oh, and I've snipped the links as they have no real bearing on the question being posed and just appear to be advertising product.

Thread now closed.

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