I started a new thread cuz the other started by MartyMcFly was closed.

For those who go to a university/college, your university/college anywhere in the world could enter this program called ELMS (e-academy License Management System) for MSDNAA (MSDN academic alliance) online software system. You could download and access a wide range of Microsoft developer tools, servers, and platforms. There is no charge to download the software as long as you are an eligible user in the System or can order them on CDs for about 10$us to 20$us.

Here's a part of the message I got from them when my college licensed there.

How Does it Work?

Your university/college is licensed under the MSDN Academic
Alliance Program which enables eligible students and faculty
members to access software available under the Program. e-academy
Inc., a partner of Microsoft, is providing ELMS for MSDNAA to you.
Simply log into the System using your username and password
included below and start browsing/ordering the software
available to you.


I dont think you can use the program if your university/college is not registered.

Here is a short list of what we can get:

some msdn products
project pro
virtual pc
some visual studio
win 2000 server
some win 2003 server
win xp pro

If you want to see a more compete list, go here http://msdn01.e-academy.com/lacitec%5Fiht/ then go to software and check in the drop down. (This is where students from where I go can order software so dont try to buy from this page, it wont work ;))

Ask your university/college if they would be interested in this program.

And remember: other countries have similar programs.

Yeah I have no doubt there are other programs. This one already has almost 4000 universities/colleges worldwide and is offered in many languages.

What about OEM release software? I've heard it's cheap but I can't say because I've never used it, nor do I know if it's easy to obtain.

First, OEM must be purchased with some hardware and in some places with a whole PC
Second, you save only about 10 to 50% on retail prices
Third, not every software sells in OEM

It's not really a way to save much.

Correct. Any store or person selling OEM software without the associated hardware (or sometimes other software) is stealing from his customers.
Anyone buying it will see himself without support as the hardware manufacturer will only support the hardware owner and the software manufacturer typically defers support on the software to the hardware manufacturer as part of the contract under which the hardware manufacturer may distribute the software under OEM.

Be mindful that the type of hardware which can be legally bound to an OEM license varies from time to time and from place to place. It does NOT always have to accompany an entire system. It simply needs to accompany a component or device. The bundled versions of Nero which come with burners are a classic example. Most vendors which offer OEM software in their catalogues will sell it to you with any hardware purchese whatsoever. Until Microsoft tightened things up, you could legally get an OEM copy of Windows XP with a power cord purchase!

Software support shouldn't be a consideration. All you should ever really need are 'How to do stuff' instructions, and for those you can download product manuals from the websites of most companies which provide OEM software. (Or get help from internet sites).

See I didn't know anything about it other than hearing it was cheaper.

These forums arent there for nothing eh? We all learn something once in a while ;).

Microsoft OEM versions of Windows can now be purchased with any component for a computer capable of running that software.
That means anything that goes into the case, so a stick of RAM is fine but a printer is not (for example).

There may be other rules for OEM versions of Office (maybe allowing larger external parts like printers of screens as well as internal components).

Guidelines vary from country to country, and you'll find that most vendors will only sell an OEM Windows with a motherboard/processor/RAM bundle.

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