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These are really cool links -- I love this kind of stuff. :cheesy: I would like to visit these decrepid sites in person and look around.

The below link you provided


contained links to Fantasy Farm and Americana which are located just outside Cincinnati (my hometown); I used to go there as a kid sometimes-- really cheesey amusement park, cheap rides, etc, unlike the high-end amusement parks in Cincinnati like "Kings Island."

It's neat to see this stuff and how it is today.

In 1989 I went to a summer Painting program at the University of the Art Institute of Chicago for a month I met a girl there who lived in Chicago-- she took me to one of the coolest places I have ever seen: a 1920's-era movie theater that closed in the 40's and it was like time stopped inside. We had to climb a fire-escape to the 3rd floor and break inside: It was amazing to say the least. :eek: The offices of the theater were destroyed, papers everywhere, furniture tipped over, dust, garbage (I think the homeless lived in there). We went downstairs to the theater-- red carpet, stained-glass, and chandeliers, velvet wallpaper, gold-painted collums-- fancy, but... every thing was broken, destoyed, burned! It was such an eerie place. Years of vandals and racoons, winos, and God knows what else inside this old, classical building. It was like the set for a Horror movie. It was kind of scary. It was quite an experience. ;)

Thanks for the post.
Matty D

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