Hello everyone. A few months ago I got a cheap new mobile phone with video recording. I'd just heard about Youtube at the time. So, the obvious came to mind (video myself playing a tune on the guitar and post it :p ). What resulted from this became an object lesson in bad video material to me :rolleyes: :twisted: :lol: :-| . The poor picture quality: breathtaking. The scratchy soundtrack: unlistenable. It is even the wrong way around, so you have to turn the monitor through 90 degrees to see it properly (an graet touch, I feel :p ). Have a look if you're interested. If you're feeling nice, maybe post some deservedly insulting (to the video) comments. If it gets slagged off enough it might get recognised for breaking new ground in rubbish. Thanks.



that was really... amazing... NOT!!!!

You forgot to give yourself alot of LIGHT (I could barely see any video)

The guitar playing was good though!

Get a new camera (lol)! Nice guitar though.

Bad video, yes. Worst YouTube video ever? Not even close. You have some stiff competition, my friend. To even touch the bad YouTube video rankings, one needs to demonstrate a level of narcissism and delusions of grandeur not demonstrated here. No YouTube video truly vying for "worst ever" would ever be filmed in the dark since that would never satisfy the video maker's need to be the center of attention. I think some work needs to be done on this video to make it a contender. You need to spend five minutes bragging about how you are this generation's Eddie Van Halen, then play with the same quality or worse that you did with no consciousness whatsoever that you suck. I suggest watching American Idol for pointers. Good luck.

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