Using Windows XP, video adaptor type VIA/S3G KM400, directX 9.0, Athlon AMD computer, memory 224MB.
Tearing my hair out on this one. Internet is fast, opening office files is fast, playing music is ok, but...................
When playing video, every 3 seconds, it freezes then skips (catches up) yet the sound is not affected. Worse still, is if i'm playing music or video then decide to open a file or connect to internet or click on any new application at all the video AND sound pause, & stutter until the thing i've clicked on finally opens, which takes ages. Sound & vision are not affected when closing other applications.

I've noticed, when i click on a new thing whilst playing music or video, the task manager shows as 100% CPU usage & stays on the top line until the new application finally opens, (which is slow). There are no baddies whatsoever on the puter. We have had trojans & spy-ware recently but the puter is definitely clean. DirectX check ok. & all drivers say "working correctly" ...........Can anyone give me some help on this? Ta. Cozzy

Have you tried reducing 'Hardware Acceleration' for the audio card, the video card, or both? Sometimes this can have an impact on video playback.

Yes Catweazle, i've just figured out how to reduce the hardware acceleration for sound & video cards & it made no difference at all.
I remember downloading a JAVA program about a month ago & it seems it's around that time we started having problems with the sound & vision, but not totally sure about this. No idea what this JAVA thing was, it was a download i did which said i would have to download this JAVA script thing. It placed "shut-down" & "recycle bin" & other major icons on the desktop. The application itself was just a load of shapes & colours! Not sure if i got rid of it all coz i was drunk!

I did a search for JAVA yesterday & it came up with tons & tons of stuff. Some of it was created when this puter was born. Could i delete everything to do with JAVA? Cos it says in "help" to get rid of all "JAVA APPLETS" (whatever that means). There is no conflict with drivers, & everything else is ok. Cheers.

Oh dear!

This new piece of information, together with the 100% CPU usage that you initially reported, strongly suggests to me that you've allowed 'nasties' to invade your PC which are badly affecting your machine's performance. You should head over to our 'Security' forum section and start off by following the relevent advice about cleaning things which is contained in the article:

Helping yourself: What to do first

I've no idea, really, exactly what the malware is which would be causing the behaviour, but you can be sure there's some in there! And a word of explanation:

JAVA is a scripting language - it's not a 'THING' in itself you've downloaded. JAVA is one of the languages used by Web applications in particular, and your Web Browser uses it often. It's most likely, I'd suspect, that the little 'nasty' that you've ended up with is a 'Dialler' which is trying to use your modem to generate income for itself with (possibly ISDN) 'pay per minute' phone calls. As most dial-up modems contain audio circuitry as well, this would explain why it's playing merry hell with your system's audio functions. (And if you haven't actually GOT an internal data/voice/fax modem in there, that'd be even MORE explanation why it's playing havoc.

You don't, ever HAVE to download and install things like this. In fact, when you click on something to try and download it, and get one of these messages, it's time to say "NO: I don't HAVE to have that download after all!"

Please clean your system of 'Net nasties' first, and then let us know if you have remaining problems afterwards.

You are correct Catweazle, it's a "nasty", it has to be. But when i search for "Java" on the puter it comes up with 148 results. Some are things i have downloaded, cos it's from April 2004. Although some of these files & folders which have the word "Java" were created in 2002, when the puter was manufactured so i dare not delete these. This Java program i did download in April seemed to embed itself in the machine & i was amazed with the icons it put onto the desktop. It was like i suddenly had a new program file menu which i did not need. It was as if i now had 2 puters. When i clicked on the actual application that i was prompted to download, all i got was triangles & purple squares! What a waste of time! Thought it was an educational thing.

I've run adaware & spyware & advanced uninstaller, along with PC medic & pro registry cleaner. Nortons 2004 & Nortons Internet security (which i have purchased & used constantly since Jan)........ find no problems.

Reg. the dialler. I got rid of preload2.oxc Dialer Holistyc 2 weeks ago, it is the most stubborn piece of tripe i've had to deal with so far. Could it be that the "baddies" i have had on the puter have caused damage to the puter permanently?

Forget the searching for 'Java' stuff. That exercise is a waste of time because as I said, Java is a scripting language - some Java stuff will be good and some bad.

As far as 'permanent damage' goes, the answer is a resounding "NO". You could have a Windows installation which is stuffed beyond any reasonable chance of repair, but the machine itself won't have been harmed. A format and reinstall fixes just about anything. (Except hardware issues such as physical damage or overheated/burnt out components, of course!)

The Java download took about 90 mins to download, then approx 3 mins to install. It was a free download & soundeed wonderful. Then all i got was purple shapes. Microsoft tells us to delete all Java applets! What are Java applets? Can i delete absolutely everything on me puter to do with Java? Does it mean that i can delete just java applets (please tell me what they are) or ANYTHING at all to do with Java.
someone tells me that Java is an old fashioned language from the 80's. Dunno what to do.

Stunned! how do you reply so quickly? CW?

heh heh......

Click on 'User CP' and then 'Edit options'

ensure that 'Default Thread subscription' is set to "Instant Email Notification" and an email will be sent to you as soon as someone posts in a thread you've created or a thread you've posted in.

I get the email notifications straight away, because my email program is running and checking for mail 24/7


A format is out of the question coz that always seems to be the solution! Had it done about 12 times since i bought the puter brand new last year, Jan 2003. My friend is a Guru on puters but still tends to wipe the lot clean & start again. I'm a novice & have fixed many problems on this puter with learning & listening to the likes of you, CW. Thanks for your suggestions.
Everything is lighteningly fast on this machine. Does not need a wipe clean. It's just when playing video or music & THEN clicking on ANY other link, whether it's a word doc or an internet link, or even clicking on the task bar for the calculator, or even if i open a help file, then the music or/and video crack up. It's only when i ask the puter to do ONE THING (anything) whilst playing video or music at the same time does it pause and stutter & go really slow. Soz 4 this but it's doing me head in.
#thanks Catweazle.

What is "user cp"? still looking! can i teach you about databases instead coz puter is ok for me, it's me wife that's nit picking with multi-tasking & playing her vids & music at sam,e time. Gonna check out your cp last post, cheers! CW.

'User control Panel' for the Forum. There's a link in the menu bar at top of page!

Some more points:

You've obviously got a 256Mb module of RAM in that machine, of which 32Mb is allocated to onboard graphics. Add another 256Mb module for improved performance.

After you've eliminated the spyware/malware/virus/trojan possibilities, reinstall your motherboard chipset, display and sound drivers to correct any file corruption that may have occurred. Get updated ones from your motherboard manufacturer or system manufacturer website if possible.

Get rid of unnecessary programs! Having 10 programs that all do a similar job is never a good idea. You end up with conflicts, file association hijacks and all sorts of problems. Trimming your program list down is something we all should do from time to time.

Got no dialers, adaware, trojans, viruses, spies, hardware probs incl all drivers, codecs, direct x, cleaned registry, deleted all temp & unneccessary files, reduced card acceleration, def up to date, puter is a fast piece of work..............Its just when i play video or music & click on ANYTHING ELSE at all, then the music & video freeze up til the application is opened properly. (which now takes an age). Task manager shows 100% usage at this "critical time" when you ask the new puter to do just ONE MORE thing whils playing a song or a vid.

Then it could also be that somehow you've disabled an essential 'background service' that Windows needs to use, possibly as a result of one of those myriad of 'system tools' that you've used on your system. Even a 'refresh install' of Windows won't fix that, I fell, as your local settings would simply be reproduced.

Have a look through the guide at:

to see if you can find any clues.

Going to investigate what you have said Catweazle. I take it all in you know! The college says i have learned the most out of anyone that has ever been on puter courses. (well, within their 1st year). Long way to go, but i'll catch you C.W.

Cummon! tell us if i can delete all traces & all entries of "Java" on me puter then download a fresh lot from
Or would me machine be inoperable if i deleted EVERYTHING with "java" in the name off me machine?

Ta again CW. i've learned about prioritizing programs concerning background things an all. It ain't a problem with that. CPU is between 10% & 30% even when i've got 10 programs running. It's only when playing music or video's & THEN clicking on ANYTHING ELSE at all where it goes slow with opening the new link & it freezes the sound & graphics until the "link" has opened. Nothing is affected when the "multi-task" applications are closed.

You'd never see me telling anybody to "delete everything with xxxx in its name" from their computer. I think that's a crazy approach to problem solving!

Doing that risks disabling programs, by removing bits and pieces of them, and even if that doesn't occur, then it's still no way to resolve problems because it doesn't eliminate the references which are left behind in the Registry.

Nope! The 'sledgehammer' approach is no way to work with Windows!! Besides, if you eliminate everything related to Java from your system, you'd have a pretty sparse web experience afterwards!

Thanks, Catweazle, for the links to these brilliant sites. & I read your piece on "help yourself" & downloaded "spybot". Again! superb. Thanks for your help, the problem with 100% CPU usage when clicking on any application (when playing video/music) is now less of a problem, after running these new programs you suggested. They "found" things & i investigated & scrubbed them! Got to say just one thing coz this sounds like a complicated problem, but, the solution will be very simple indeed; something like; configure your fire-wall, or, re-install your printer! I bet you $99 it's a simple solution. Cheers! Catweazle.

I've downloaded upgrades for sound & vision. directX 9.0. The situation has improved even more. Still, though, when i open any new thing, (even calculater or task manager) the music/video distort & stop momentarily. The cpu usage now fluctuates between 60 - 100%, it used to stay on 100% before. The bigger the program thats opened, the more the sound & video quality are affected. Once the new application is opened, the cpu usage returns to approx 7%.

Catweasle, i've sorted the problem out & it was a simple solution, if not the correct one. I opened Norton Anti-virus, selected "miscllaneous" and disabled "office doc's scanning". All docs open in 1 second now, (even when multi-tasking). Strangely, while playing music or video......then, connect to internet at same time, the interference with the sound and/or video has also stopped!!!
I don't know why Norton anti-virus 2004 enable office doc scans by default, why should you have to run a virus scan EVERY time you open your own docs? It's been sapping all the power away & slowing everything down. Thanks for helping this novice, cheers.

It enables scanning Office docs by default because Office docs are one of the most common entry points for viral infections.

And I've avoided Norton products like the plague, because I've come across so many incompatiibilities and weird issues like the one you've mentioned, that I believe Norton's is perhaps more of a hindrance than a help!

Oh dear! It's been having me on. Not fixed it after all. Still going to leave Norton's automatic office file scan switched off coz all the docs open super quick, & why, should anyone want to scan their own docs over & over again each time they are opened is beyond me. All downloaded docs are scanned before installing automatically, & again, on a right click (even with the automatic doc scan switched off) you can run an "extra scan" with Norton's. The sound & video still freeze up whilst navigating on the net & if a seldom pop-up arrives. It is also effected if opening any other program. The cpu usage shoots up to 90-100% for about 30 secs until the "new" program has FINALLY opened. Dash!

If i open ANY application, THEN open another one, well the puter takes about a minute to open the 2nd application & whilst doing so, affects the one that was running fine in the 1st place. BUT, then go back & open the same 2 applications & its lighteningly fast & nothing is affected either. This time the puter shows at approx 7% usage & the hardware interrupts goes up to 7 also (instead of 80 to 90). This happens on ALL applications available, for example: play a track in Media player then open a word doc & the doc will take 1minute to open, 100% cpu usage & 80-90% hardware interrupts, with the track pausing, skipping, & scratching. Then, knock everything off & then for instance, open Winamp, play a vid & open a database at same time & then it's all back to normal, everything OK, because its still playing music or vids & opening office.
BUT, eg. put calculator on then connect to the net & its back to waiting 1 min for the home page to appear, 100&cpu usage & 80-90% hardware interrupts. THEN, try & play a windows game & connect to net at same time & everything is OK.

The computer seems to be "forgetting" connections between tasks & "thinks" it's got to work each task out as if it aint ever done it before. Once i've tried all combinations of switching from task to task, the computer is 100% fine until i switch off, coz i've got to go through it all again next time i switch on. Please don't tell me the solution is to leave me puter on 24hrs a day.

Here's how to post a Hijack This log - the whole spiel, with (hopefully) every eventuality covered... :

Go to , and download 'Hijack This!'.
When downloading, choose "save to disk" and NOT open!

Now this download is a *.zipfile, which means you need to decompress it with a utility like WinZip

Many downloads come in the shape of a compressed file, so it's an indispensible tool, really.
It has an evaluation version which you can use for a month or so
Here's a tutorial. It's extremely easy to do.

Now create a new folder for it, C:\Hijackthis, for example.
After unzipping the file to C:\Hijack This, you'll end up with the file itself, which is Hijackthis.exe, and that's the one you'll need to doubleclick.'

When the program launches, hit the "Scan" button
When the scan is finished, the "Scan" button will change into a "Save Log" button.
Press that, and save the log anywhere you like.

Now if you doubleclick the log file, does it open in Notepad?

If so, go to Edit > Select all, then to Edit > copy.
Now you've copied the entire text to the Windows Clipboard (this happens behind your back.)

Next, go back to this forum thread, and click "Post Reply".
In an empty area click your RIGHT mouse button, and choose 'Paste' from the context menu.
And voila, there's your Hijack This log.

NOTE: Should the log not open in Notepad by default, do this:

. Highlight the logfile by clicking on it once
· Hold down the shift key and then right-click your mouse
· Select "Open With" from the menu
. Pick Notepad.exe.

Be sure to check the box, "Always use this program to open these files".

· Click "OK" and you are all done!

It does sound like a Spyware/Malware infestation I'd agree. If you've followed all the suggestions in the "Helping Yourself" topic mentioned earlier in the discussion, however, and feel that there's nothing left to do than post a 'HijackThis log and ask for advice, then please do so in a new topic in the 'Security' forum section.

HijackThis logs are discouraged in the other Forum Sections.

Done a hijack this scan & there is nothing there to cause this. I have an original disk that came with the computer with all the drivers on. It's called "mainboard 1st utilities" but there are no instructions. I want to uninstall everything thats on the puter from the disk & then re-install. Don't know where to begin, not a clue. Have put the disk in & just stared at it. There is nothing running in the background at all to cause this problem & i think its something to do with drivers.

Not possible that it's heat related is it? Has the system ever been opened up and cleaned of dust?

Na, it won't be heat/dust Catweazle, it's only about 6 months old & not really used every day. Besides, the longer it's left on, the better it is as it seems to remember what sort of things it's opened in the session & takes you there quickly, (any combination multi-tasking), so long as it's "been there" already. Wish i knew how, & what to remove & re-install everything on the utilities disk. Any suggestions Catweasel?

I went to Device Manager & see loads of drivers, right clicked on some & selected "update driver", "advanced", & selected to update from disk. Waited for 3 minutes & the Wizard says it can't find any! There only seems to be 5 drivers on the "Mainboard Utilities disk" anyway, & about 150 on the computer. Should i be putting the "Windows recovery" disk in instead? If i should try the repair option on the Windows recovery disk, will i lose all my work, files, settings etc?

your looking to format your drive and reinstall windows?

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