Lady gray (not early gray) with lemon and honey

or pg tips / tetley if im having milk

if im having loose tea (as oppsoed to tea bags) then i like that chinese black tea


I.... we just got a Chili's and a Sonic...

Sonic?? NO fair! I have to drive about 1.5 hours to get to the nearest sonic! I want to be served by someone on rollerskates! I love that place....:cheesy:


I understand. This is how hick southern West Virginia is.... we just got a Chili's and a Sonic... and that's basically the most exciting news going around lol. So I definitely understand the country thing, I've lived here all my life.. hopefully I will be able to go back to New York this summer... I LOVE it!

Sonic: Awesome. :D I lived by one in Texas and ate their all the time; what other place serves a Pancake-On-A-Stick (pancake wrapped around a sausage on a stick, deep-fried, and served with maple syrup)? :surprised:)


when i went to scotland i had deep fried pizza (speciality of local chip shop) . wierdest thing ever

Interesting. I love pizza and order it often. Is there much pizza in the U.K. ? And, "chip shop"-- does this refer to French Fries?



fries = the sort you get in mcdonalds

chips = thicker than fries , usually acompanied with battered fish or sausage

chip shop = where you get fish and chips (there very common, nearly every high street has one)

pizza is pretty common but less common that chips or chinese/indian takeway

Side note: potato chips = crisps

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chip shop info :) matty
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